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All Party Parliamentary Group on Down Syndrome

All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) are informal cross-party groups that have no official status within Parliament. They are run by and for Members of the Commons and Lords, though many choose to involve individuals and organisations from outside Parliament in their administration and activities.

There are many All Party Groups in Parliament, however there hasn’t been an All Party Parliamentary Group for Down syndrome (APPGDS) for some years. The National Down syndrome policy group (NDSPG) took the view that an All Party Group could help improve life for the Down syndrome community. NDSPG reached out to politicians with a view to making an APPGDS a reality. Although the All Party Groups have no official status within Parliament, such a group focused on the issues affecting the Down syndrome community could be invaluable for us. The NDSPG is the Secretariat to the new All Party Parliamentary Group, organising and supporting the meetings and work of the APPGDS and providing the lived experience.

The inaugural meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Down Syndrome took place on 12th May 2021.

The following were elected as officers and members of the APPG:

For detail on the APPG, its Parliamentary membership and minutes of meetings, please visit the dedicated website of

OfficersPolitical Party
ChairDr Liam Fox MPConservative
Vice ChairFeryal Clark MPLabour
Vice ChairBaroness Julie SmithLib Dem
Vice ChairBaroness HollinsCrossbench
MembersPolitical Party
MemberDebbie Abrahams MPLabour
MemberFlick Drummond MPConservative
MemberNick Fletcher MPConservative
MemberSeema Malhotra MPLabour (Co-op)
MemberVirendra Sharma MPLabour
MemberMatt Western MPLabour
MemberAndrew Selous MPConservative
MemberBen Bradley MPConservative
MemberBen Lake MPPlaid Cymru
MemberCarla Lockhart MPDemocratic Unionist Party
MemberSir Charles Walker MPConservative
MemberCherilyn Mackrory MPConservative
MemberChris Evans MPLabour 
MemberChristine Jardine MPLiberal Democrat
MemberColleen Fletcher MPLabour 
MemberGareth Thomas MPLabour (Co-op)
MemberDaisy Cooper MPLiberal Democrat
MemberDamian Hinds MPConservative
MemberDavid Duguid MPConservative
MemberDouglas Chapman MPScottish National Party
MemberElliot Colburn MPConservative
MemberGillian Keegan MPConservative
MemberHenry Smith MPConservative
MemberIan Paisley MPDemocratic Unionist Party
MemberJames Daly MPConservative
MemberJane Hunt MPConservative
MemberRanil Jayawardena MPConservative
MemberKarin Smyth MPLabour 
MemberLayla Moran MPLiberal Democrat
MemberLee Anderson MPConservative
MemberLisa Cameron MPScottish National Party
MemberJulian Lewis MPConservative
MemberMarion Fellows MPScottish National Party
MemberRachel Maskell MPLabour 
MemberMeg Hillier MPLabour 
MemberNeil Coyle MPLabour 
MemberSir Oliver Heald MPConservative
MemberPaul Girvan MPDemocratic Unionist Party
MemberRushanara Ali MPLabour 
MemberRuth Jones MPLabour 
MemberRuth Cadbury MPLabour 
MemberSally-Ann Hart MPConservative
MemberStephen Morgan MPLabour 
MemberSiobhan Baillie MPConservative
MemberStephen Morgan MPLabour 
MemberStephen Timms MPLabour 
MemberTommy Sheppard MPScottish National Party
MemberEdward Timpson MPConservative
MemberDame Karen BradleyConservative
MemberLord TouhigLabour
MemberLord David AltonCrossbencher
MemberLord ShinkwinConservative